Meet our team of artists and writers

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Kevin Kang

Director of Perichoresis


Kevin, a Los Angeles native, wears multiple hats. He is a pastor, blogger, and flower designer. He is a self-defined recovering fundamentalist who, one day, discovered the table was so much larger than he had imagined. He is passionate about re-framing people's understandings of  big ideas like God and spirituality, building bridges between communities, and raising up the next generation of leaders. 

Kevin currently serves as the English Ministry Pastor at Shalom Church of Southern California in Torrance; he works at BYD Motors, the  world's largest EV manufacturing company, in the Marketing and Human Resources departments; and he is a flower designer for weddings and large scale events.

Ellie Sohn



Ellie is an up and coming writer, photographer, youtuber, community organizer, activist, and life coach based in New York City. Her passion for the arts flourished during childhood while watching her dad paint and sculpt. She began to capture her own beauty through traveling, writing and fashion. Ellie, independent, curious, and adventurous, obtained a BA in Social Work at Nyack College, and later, an MA in Community Organizing, Planning and Development at Hunter College after trips to some of the most impoverished places on earth. She is passionate about advocating for human trafficking victims, gender equality in the US and abroad, and the LGBTQ community.


Walter Denney

Host of the Refuge Podcast

Walter Luke Denney is a So-Cal native, entrepreneur, and accidental theologian/philosopher. Currently, he is bi-vocational, meaning he is pursuing a career in content creation, but has another job to pay the bills. He finds meaning and answers everywhere he looks whether it be sitting across from business owners as a consultant with AFLAC or as a home-brewed scholar researching for his next episode of the Refuge Podcast. Walter cares deeply about moving the human story forward to greater harmony and co-existence, and believes in a world where we all realize we have more in common than we ever imagined. In his free time he can be found studying subjects such as psychology, theology, and law while enjoying a mai-tai on Catalina Island.


Serena lee


Serena Lee is a recent college graduate from Westmont College. She has a degree in Religious Studies, and now works as a Direct Care Staff at a group home for teens in the foster care system who have developmental and psychological disabilities. Serena is passionate about understanding mental health from the Asian American perspective, as well as how it intertwines with theology. Serena spends her free time writing songs, blogging, and watching her favorite TV show, FRIENDS!