Perichoresis (from Greek: περιχώρησις perikhōrēsis, “rotation”) is the Greek word used for the relationship of the trinity.

    Peri means around and khōrēsis is where we get the word  choreography which refers to dancing. The first word used to describe the Godhead literally meant Dance Around.  The Early church understood God, not just as a stagnant being who tells people what to do, but movement. They saw God as a dynamic entity who  invited people into a wild crazy adventure called life, with all its beauty and mess. This God was the engine for creativity, healing, and freedom for those who accepted the call.


who we are

     We are a collaborative of bloggers, artists, rebels, and advocates who have passion to help people develop a more integrated relationship with the the divine, their own selves, and the rest of creation. This sometimes comes in the form of blog posts speaking out against oppressive systems, podcasts that share new ideas on spirituality and what it means to be fully human, and vlogs about travel, fashion, sex, and dating. The possibilities are endless.

    All in all, we try to live the ethos of Perichoresis. We are about the journey, not the destination. We choose to never be satisfied with the status quo, but commit to always reforming and developing.